“The synagogue is on fireplace, however we’re trying elsewhere”

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Here is Michel Onfray’s grandstand: The communications division of the President of the Republic had introduced that on the event of the commemoration of the Vél d’Hiv raid in Pithiviers, he would say “an insulting speech. As one would possibly suspect, it was a porridge for the cats whose plot was that there was certainly anti-Semitism, however with Éric Zemmour, a Jew as well as, or on the facet of a “to the far proper” fantasized, you do certainly consider what it truly is while you learn Brasillach or Rebatet, Déat or Doriot. The watchword was: the synagogue is on fireplace, however let’s look elsewhere.

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Nonetheless, we now have entered the third period of anti-Semitism: after its anti-Jewish-Christian components invoked by the deicide folks, then its anti-capitalist components which, with uncommon exceptions, brings collectively the socialists of the nineteenth century who, together with Marx and Engels, To equate Jews with Capital and Cash to be thrown away, the time has come for its anti-Zionist components that permits the barbed wire left to impress hatred towards the folks of Israel since 1948 by invoking colonialism, crimes towards humanity and the apartheid regime. This anti-Zionism stems from an Islamo-leftism that its adherents deny exists, it is usually their signature, as a result of denial of the Holocaust is one of the best ways to refuse the talk: we do not talk about what does not exist!

A movement for a decision condemning Israel’s institutionalization of an apartheid regime towards the Palestinian folks” was offered by quite a lot of deputy, sic, together with Fabien Roussel, boss of the PCF. This textual content was submitted by the communist deputy Jean-Paul Lecoq, who can be vice-chairman of the Overseas Affairs Committee of the Nationwide Meeting! It’s signed by 38 parliamentarians from the 4 left-wing teams.

Deputies PCF, LFI, PS and EELV have subsequently initialed a textual content that shamelessly requires the dominance of a racial group” safe “one other racial group of individuals”. The fascists of the Thirties, that’s, the actual far proper, would have preferred to see the Jewish race oppose the Palestinian race to rebuke the previous in an effort to higher have a good time the latter! Le Drumont of La France Juive would have applauded with each fingers. And I am simply going to search for my reference on that facet of the Rhine…

Why is the PCF on the forefront of this type of anti-Semitic battle? And LFI as a journey companion? Due to a Gaullo communist fantasy that seems to be the unstated of French politics, though it has been its axis for the reason that post-war interval. This left, so fast to attraction to historical past, forgets what it actually was in favor of a legend expertly maintained by those that ensured Gramscian rule for the reason that Gaullist post-war interval. For at the hours of darkness years, many socialists or communists who had skilled World Struggle I supported Pétain, if not collaboration, out of pacifism.

The primary Gaullists to go away for London after the attraction of 18 June 1940 weren’t communists, because the PCF on the time supported the German-Soviet pact which referred to as for cooperation with the Nazi occupiers till 22 June 1941 on the pretext that Marxist Leninists and Nationwide Socialists have the identical enemies: the town, the Gaullists, the plutocracy, the USA, capitalism and… the Jews. The PCF is subsequently cooperating.

Now we have entered the third period of anti-Semitism

As proof, within the version of Humanity dated July 4, 1940, it reads: French staff and German troopers, it’s notably reassuring in these instances of adversity to see many Parisians having pleasant conversations with German troopers, both on the road or within the native bistro. Bravo comrades, go on, even when it doesn’t please some silly and depraved bourgeoisie…” Silly and evil bourgeoisie, that could be a very modern style of little music.

It was De Gaulle who created this fantasy of a resistant Gaullo communist France. This legend permits him to deliver the French collectively at a time when they’re extra divided than ever. If he, who had the legitimacy of the resistance, needed to detain intellectuals, journalists, writers, magistrates, the police, the navy, lecturers, bankers, apparatchiks of the PCF, and so many others who made the occupation doable, France can be fairly ungovernable. have been.

However we’re not right here anymore.

At a time when everybody invokes historical past, banco, let’s go: let’s eliminate the courtroom ideologues and deconstruct this mythology that makes it doable left” to imagine that she systematically embodies the camp of fine, morality and advantage, even when she adorns her anti-Semitism with an anti-Zionism already shared by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who ardently desired the victory of the Third Reich.

Certainly, there can be a lot to say in regards to the arsenal of the person on the left: the born once more man” with revolutionary tribunal and guillotine by Robespierre in 1793 in “deconstructed man” by Sandrine Rousseau; from colonialism celebrated by Jules Ferry who, within the title of the ideas of 1789, despatched the French troopers to Algeria, to the identical ideology supported by the guillotine activated in the course of the Algerian Struggle by an SFIO Minister of the Inside whose title is François Mitterrand was once; from the hatred of homosexuals, contraception, abortion promoted by the PCF within the Fifties to the commercialization of the human physique at the moment supported by a sure left.

A last phrase: In Tel-Aviv, the place a good friend had obtained me within the Jaffa district, I used to be woke up the primary morning by the decision of the muezzin launched from the highest of the minaret of one of many 4 mosques of the town. A novel apartheid regime, the regime by which the Palestinian race” can safely pray to his God! »

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