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Month-to-month, Sétois Alain Rollat ​​provides a literary assembly, the Marque-Web page. This eminent journalist, who was deputy director of Le Monde, introduces us to books by regional authors from publishing homes in Occitania. It’s the flip of Pierre Dabernat from Toulouse, Philippe Castelneau from Montpellier and Gautier Wailly from Perpignan.

a superb thriller

The primary rule of literary craftsmanship recommends, if you need to construct a compelling story, to articulate your work round a predominant character singular sufficient to right away seize your consideration. There isn’t a good thriller, for instance, with out a good cop or a superb killer. If the 2 coexist, we’re approaching the perfect. That is what Toulousain Pierre Dabernat, who has turn into a reference within the space, manages to do in L’Murderer de la Retreat, your new manufacturing. Its enduring hero, Commissioner Visconti, is the fundamental prototype of the literary policeman. He even accumulates, by self-mockery, all of the clichés of the style: he smokes; he drinks ; he lives in a trailer; he’s divorced, his love life is difficult; he works alone as a result of he is too loopy to work in a group. His uniqueness is as a result of particularity of his assistant.

Sherlock wants a Watson, San Antonio wants a Berurier…

Understanding the classics of detective fiction and the tips of the commerce, Pierre Dabernat knew {that a} good investigator at all times wants, so as to progress in his investigations, a shrewd or clever second companion. Sherlock wants a Watson, San Antonio wants a Berurier… Dabernat broke the codes by offering his predominant character with a far much less standard assistant: he supplied him a… hallucinatory assistant! Its curator Visconti, who acquired psychiatric therapy, has the assist of an imaginary fowl, generally a sparrow, generally a magpie, generally a hawk or a parakeet, with whom he talks to speak to himself… The discovering is superb; she amuses; she injects humor into the textual content.

Surroundings throughout Occitania

As for the assassin of the story, in L’Murderer de la Retreat, whose plot refers back to the darkest intervals of the Spanish Civil Struggle, he is among the most unconventional: he’s a hermaphrodite assassin, a transformist, within the midst of a mid-life disaster. age, who watches over his autistic brother with jealous care and drags the reminiscence of his rapist father like a stone… His ambivalent profile is well worth the detour in itself.

Pierre Dabernat embroidered this triple body, counting on a stable documentary base. He pitches his screenplay throughout Occitania, and his expertise as a author does the remaining. He takes nice delight – you’ll be able to really feel it, you’ll be able to see it – in taking his readers by the maze of their rising creativeness. We find it irresistible and wish extra. It is a good job.

  • The Murderer of the Retreat, Pierre Dabernat, Cairn editions, 435 pages, €13.

an inside journey

Taking a visit appears simpler than doing a thriller. However this impression is deceptive. It’s not sufficient to place your self within the sneakers of a traveler and punctiliously hold a logbook of his adventures to make mates, in literature, with a Henry Miller or a Jack Kerouac. You additionally want breath to go far, eager senses to not get misplaced or go round in circles and, above all, sufficient lucidity about your self to have at the very least a bit of concept of ​​what you are in search of, by the facet of the highway, or what you are in search of. we run away. The remaining is figure.

“He instantly leaves his luggage there, settles within the Valparaíso Motel and, haunted by this imaginative and prescient, seeks out this lady…”

Montpellier resident Philippe Castelneau, who already has a number of skilled backpackers below his belt, selected for his first novel to strive automotive journeys. He places himself within the sneakers of a journalist who suffers from not being a fantastic author, leaves for the Far West after a breakup and wonders, over the miles, concerning the that means of his existence. Till, within the Sonoran desert, as his bus crosses an unknown metropolis overwhelmed by the warmth, he sees, or thinks he sees, in a window, a lady who appears to be sending him a sign. He instantly leaves his luggage there, settles within the Motel Valparaíso and, haunted by this sight, appears to be like for this lady. The primary character is standard, the setting is traditional, we consider in a standard highway journey.

Written, clear, sober, direct, says the necessities with out gildings

Massive mistake ! As a result of with regards to highway journeys, it is usually the model that makes the distinction between overly formatted tales and delightful discoveries. The model and talent to make the silences between phrases converse. Philippe Castelneau has neither. His writing, clear, sober, direct, says the necessities with out gildings. His characters are refined, his dialogues economical. The desert permits no trivia. The environment is dreamlike, virtually mystical; minimal intrigue, most enchantment.

“The novel is not the writing of an journey, however the journey of a writing…”

Because the place has an Italian title – Cevola – one thinks of Dino Buzzati’s Desert of Tartars… This definition of what has been known as a brand new novel additionally involves thoughts: “The novel is not the writing of an journey, however the journey of a writing…” You set your suitcase subsequent to the creator’s on this metropolis that seems out of nowhere and sucks you into the dunes and would not allow you to go. Is it a ghost city? A city of witches haunted by an indigenous Circe? A dream catcher? It would not matter. We want to depart, however the whole lot brings us again.

And the way, along with making the silences between phrases converse, Philippe Castelneau, who was a report retailer in a earlier life, sprinkles his historical past with musical notes, we gladly lie down on the sand to take heed to The Righteous Brothers, Bob Dylan or The Eagles… Free from your personal moods, you do not need to transfer anymore as a result of there’s nothing extra refreshing for the soul, in sizzling climate, than a journey alternating between soul music and rock’n’roll.

  • Motel Valparaiso, Philippe Castelneau, Asphalt, 120 pages, 15€

A bistro romance

The literary craft additionally has its apprentices able to producing unique works fabricated from trinkets. Gautier Wailly is a type of resourceful individuals. This Perpignanis is a person of phrases. He at all times loved telling tales to kids and jokes to mates. Books, studying, it is not his factor. However he loves the music of phrases and music with out phrases. He generally writes down the lyrics of songs for which he goals, in the future, of discovering an interpreter.

A couple of years in the past, your favourite singer even despatched an autographed photograph to thanks for texting him: Bravo Gautier! He then put it on his head to combine his ardour for phrases and his ardour for music. That offers Riton, an animated cocktail guide that tells a narrative how we improvise, at evening, on the bistro, amongst mates, when we now have eternity forward of us, and the will to let our creativeness run wild till the top of the evening.

“A monument of French track that fled Paris and showbiz to Perpignan to drown in alcohol its disappointment and disgust for the world at this time”

Riton, it is a previous, “a monument of French track that fled Paris and showbiz for Perpignan to drown in alcohol its disappointment and its disgust for the world at this time”. It was there, in Perpignan, in a bistro downtown – Le Petit Pastis – that in the future he was acknowledged by François and Gabin, two brothers “who’ve been followers of his since childhood”. And this “will then attempt to untangle the singer from this dangerous part to place him again in entrance of the stage”.

Spontaneous, uncommon and joyful literary object

The three predominant characters are nature; Le Petit Pastis is a bistro the place you’ll be able to chat on the bar, within the method of Audiard or Pagnol; the plot is enjoyable; the Mediterranean, that’s, inexhaustible dialogues; the entire thing is a spontaneous, uncommon, and joyful literary object. It is extra theater than romance, however why not? Gautier Wailly writes whereas he talks and whereas he talks aloud – as we converse within the South – we take heed to him whereas having enjoyable as a result of he’s a born storyteller. Written phrases from him might be consumed sparingly in Perpignan and Coustouges, the small Catalan village of his childhood. “I want you a good time” he tells readers in his preface. Your want might be granted!

  • Return, Gautier Wailly, Publishroom Manufacturing unit, 242 pages, €18


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