Bolchegeek: popular culture in evaluation

Bolchegeek, the identify instantly proclaims the colour. Benjamin and Kathleen discover well-liked tradition utilizing, amongst different issues, theoretical instruments usually mobilized for financial and social points: materialism and Marxism. Since 2014, they’ve dissected any well-liked cultural occasion. The low-key interest has changed into an actual enterprise as of 2019, with some movies reaching 500,000 views.

Film photos, quotes, philosophical and political ideas

With every new thought, an envelope is opened and held on a big corkboard in his workplace, amongst computer systems, previous objects and online game posters. Think about a detective in entrance of a blackboard, doodling, drawing hyperlinks, chopping out the newspaper and hanging a photograph. Bolchegeek replaces photos of suspects with photos from motion pictures, quotes, philosophical and political ideas. Some envelopes have been stuffed with concepts for a very long time, however the video has but to be filmed. Others are nonetheless empty. That is the case, for instance, of the movie mission Kong: Cranium Island. “You see helicopters on a rocky sundown, you consider the Vietnam Conflict. The movie got here to us as a solution to discover why the Vietnam Conflict has develop into a real cinematic style, with all that that means for the creativeness round this nice occasion. » If the monitor seems good to them, they have not dug into it but. The video will wait.

Watch the controversy on the Fête de l’Humanité:

An method designed via well-liked schooling

There isn’t a scarcity of concepts, because the manufacturing of popular culture objects is big: “It is one thing that impacts everybody. The thought is to essentially take the stuff you like and attempt to perceive. » The target is to maintain management of what we devour in an effort to have a vital method, to study by formalizing ideas. “We don’t transmit data or tutorial data, however we mobilize them to supply a special studying grid. » They give thought to their method via well-liked schooling and self-education: utilizing popular culture objects and retrieving them to open up debate, ask new questions, share an expertise with their viewers. After seeing one in every of his productions, you’ll perceive the political significance of Lord of the Ringsthe hyperlink between social contract and motion motion pictures in John Wickor why the sequence Squid Recreation was so profitable. Dinosaurs intertwine with the illustration of the world, superpowers with civil rights.

A six-step decryption

If the duo consistently works collectively, every stays extremely specialised. The first step: discover a subject. Kathleen takes on the position of Benjamin’s sparring companion (a boxer taking part in a boxer’s coaching earlier than a struggle – editor’s be aware). They examine their concepts. Second step: analysis and writing. Benjamin conceptualizes and buildings video. Third step: evaluation. Kathleen is uncompromising. As soon as the textual content has been learn, reread and reread, the fourth step: the presentation. If we primarily see Benjamin on display, Kathleen intervenes within the narration. Fifth step: meeting. Whereas Benjamin initially took care of that too, it is a activity they’re now capable of entrust to different paid cameramen. Sixth step: verification and remaining changes. As soon as Kathleen validates, the video is posted on-line. In parallel with this complete artistic course of, she additionally takes care of all of the manufacturing and administration work.

Preserve YouTube independence

Can they make a dwelling from this exercise? Not really easy. Crowdfunding, YouTube’s small earnings, royalties are primarily used to fund the individuals who work with them: editors (Ace Modey of the Lo Movie channel and Matthieu of the Le coin du bis channel particularly) and cameraman (Maxime , from the Le fils de pub chain). And since they wish to be comparatively platform unbiased, as YouTube is a part of a precarious, altering and demanding economic system, they work sideways. Benjamin works intermittently and edits for different buildings. In flip, Kathleen is liable for manufacturing and distribution for theater firms. She additionally teaches the occupation of cultural mission supervisor on the college. A day by day demonstration that the fervour for popular culture and different geeks is just not synonymous with start-up spirit and logic.

Populaire, a month-to-month column to see what popular culture has in retailer

With Populaire, Benjamin Patinaud, by the way in which Bolchegeek, returns every month to Humanity to supply an evaluation of all the things well-liked tradition reveals about our world. Cinema, comics, sequence, books or video video games: from a creative, social and political standpoint, he has been deciphering popular culture for 7 years on his Youtube channel, summoning Graeber, Lordon, Pif and Naruto. He makes this tradition his “level of statement of the world and occasions, of frequent imaginations. For a materialist evaluation, it’s plentiful. And, actually, in his movies, geeks abound, marxizes and disperses like a puzzle!

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